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Next time you visit the a track, be sure to thank the tireless and extremely weather demanding jobs held by the

Corner Workers, Gate Staff, and other Non-Riding Staff that are responsible for making your day as fun and safe as possible.

They really do appreciate something as simple as a hand wave gesture.


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Todd Karam

"I purchased my first street bike in 1990 and started racing in 1995 and have wished I had started earlier.  I look forward to helping others get into this sport as well as helping anyone just wanting to ride safer for the casual street cruise."

Race Director and General Manger


Jeff Fuller



Assistant General Manager



Andrew Sexton



Race School Manager


Sam Wang



Novice School Manager


Craig Frantz



Novice Instructor and Mentor Coach



Jinu Hwang



Novice Instructor and Mentor Coach


Jeff Wrobel



Race School Instructor



Rob Hancock



Race School Instructor



Ed Savoy



Head Registrar




Robert Roush



Tire and Parts Service












Dan Loesch



Novice Instructor and Registrar




Nick Bobinger



Novice Instructor




Andre Hebert



Race Timing and Scoring Manager




Mike Hare



Assistant Race Director










Rick Shubert



Novice Instructor




Art Hernandez



Novice Instructor and Mentor Coach

John Daniels



Novice Instructor




Eric Boettcher



Race School Instructor




Buzz Flickinger



Assistant Grid Marshal










Siu Yan Scott



Registrar and Novice Instructor




Dorjan Scott



Timing and Scoring




Donald Brown



Grid Marshal







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