Track Day Requirements to be replaced as Novice, Intermediate, Race school, and Advance tabs individually

Rider and Motorcycle Preparations for Track Days and Rider Schools


We ride rain or shine, no refunds unless an event is cancelled by Moto Series.


Motorcycle Preparations:

  • REMOVE THE ANTI-FREEZE, water or water with Red-Line Water Wetter are the only fluids allowed in your cooling system (Only the Novice Group is Exempt where Anti-freeze is allowed)

  • Remove or tape your mirrors

  • Tape your headlight lens if it is made of glass

  • Tape your brake lights

  • Tape your speedometer (Novice Group Only Required, recommended all others)

  • New-er "track day" or High Performance Street compound tires are recommended with no pronounced flat spots or irregular wear.

  • Anything that can be an entanglement or impalement hazard should be removed (non folding rear passenger pegs, stunt cages/bars, spike bar ends)

  • (Possible recommendations, but are not required include: Race bodywork and if possible remove or secure your kickstand and license plate and/or bracket and rear passenger pegs and/or brackets, and safety wire your oil drain plug and cap and filter, radiator cap and drain plug) (Blue masking or Painters tape is recommended; Duct tape is commonly used, but is sometimes difficult to remove)

Advance Group Additional Requirements

  • Oil Drain Plug, Oil Filter, Oil Fill Cap, Radiator Cap, and Coolant Drain Plug must be safety wired or full race tech requirements per our rule book.

  • Removal of all side "kick" or center stands

Rider Preparations:

  • Full Face Helmet

  • Gauntlet style gloves that cover the wrist

  • Boots that cover the ankle

  • Leather suit

The leather suit may be of a two piece construction, but most have a full circumference zipper.  One piece leather suits with built in back protectors are available to rent, but are on a first come first serve basis.  Rider is required to provide the rest of their own kit, as only leathers are available for rental.  Leathers should fit relatively tight, and some find it unusual at first.  Full one piece Aerostich style suits are permitted for touring and cruiser style motorcycles in the Instructional group in lieu of leathers.

  • Back Protector (Novice group exempt, all other groups required)

Additional Gear to Bring:

  • Fuel  (Only Expensive Race Gas is available at the track)

  • Folding Chair and umbrella

  • Water (drink constantly, track riding is an athletic activity!)

  • Earplugs (you will ride faster!)

  • Running/Bicycle Shorts and or shirts (aids in fitting in and out of leathers)

  • Sunscreen

  • Tire pressure gauge (temperatures vary greatly over the day)

  • Snacks such as energy bars or fruits and nuts

If You Camp:

  • Be respectful of campers around you

  • Leash all pets and keep them away from others property

  • Do not deface track property via writing, stickers, etc.

  • Clean up after your self and your area throughout your day

  • Quiet Hours are from 10pm-7am.  No loud music, talking, or loud generators.  We take this very seriously and reserve the right to cancel track and/or race reservations for loud or rude behavior.  If you are going to talk during quite hours, do it away from other campers.  This is for the enjoyment of all participants; many of whom have traveled from long distances to arrive late and will need as much sleep as possible so that we will all have a safe and fun weekend. We ask those who want to party to hold them in areas away from general camping and maintain respectable noise limits.


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