Track Day Operations

Motorcycle Track Day Itinerary and Daily Schedule


We ride rain or shine, no refunds unless an event is cancelled by Moto Series.


When arriving at the track, it is important to note that the track is a separate business entity and has its own rules and fees separate from our own. While not occurring at every track or even every event, this is commonly expressed as a gate fee of $10 per person.  

We encourage you to bring friends and family along to watch and help, unfortunately this often means added gate fees. 

Camping is free at Nelson Ledges, at BeaveRun typically $15 per vehicle, and camping is not allowed on the premises at Putnam Park.


We recommend you plan to arrive 7:00-7:30AM for a standard track day, as tech/registration opens at 7:30. 

This is commonly held at the Moto Series Trailer (next to the Tech Shed at Nelson Ledges or center of the Paddock such as at PittRace/BeaveRun). 

You roll into the tech area on your motorcycle.  You sign in on our registration sheet that we have on file after you register for one of our days online.  We inspect your bike and then place a sticker on the front fairing or windscreen. 

This shows us that you are registered and your bike is safe. 


At 8:30 registration/tech is closed and a riders meeting is held to commence the day's activities.  Attendance is mandatory. 

At 9AM the track goes green for the Advanced group and the Novice group members are to report to the head instructor for lecture and instructor assignments. 

Instructor assignments will be based on previous riding experience, with brand new track riders receiving extensive classroom instruction.  The classroom location will be covered during the riders meeting, so make sure you attend.


The day will consist of rotating groups of on track activity.  The order is nearly always the same.

  • Advance

  • Intermediate

  • Novice

There will normally be 3 (20 minute) sessions for each group before lunch.  For lunch the track is shut down for one hour. 

The day will conclude with 4 more (20 minute sessions) for each group. 

If a race school is held at an event, the provisional racers will hold their laps during the Intermediate session, not the Novice session due to their increased speed.


After the last session, all instructional riders are to report back to the head instructor for follow up guidance and graduation ceremonies.



Typical Trackday Schedule:




Gates Open Most Tracks, 7:00 Putnam Park


Optional Track Walk, assemble at Registration


Registration Opens


Tech Inspection Opens


Mandatory Riders Meeting


Track Day/Schools Begin, Each group rotating every 20 minutes



First -

Advance Group



Second -

Intermediate Group and Race School



Third -

Novice Group


Registration and Tech Closes


Sessions End, Lunch Break Begins


Lunch Break Ends, Track Day/Schools Begin, Each group rotating every 20 minutes



First -




Second -

Intermediate and Race School



Third -



Mock Race - Rehearsals for Racing Starting Grids


Combined Intermediate and Advance Groups


Novice Group


Track Day/Schools end


Graduation Ceremonies


Gates Locked (access times vary for each track)



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