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Motorcycle Racing School, Taking it to the Next Level



General Information


Have a competitive side?  Want to reduce your lap times but find yourself hitting a plateau? 

Take the race school and start racing!  Nothing drops the lap times like racing. 

Even if you never considered it, racing can be the most fun and cost effective way to go faster. 

Novice racers often use pump gas and advanced street tires, so forget all of the things you've heard about it being expensive. 

We generally recommend you start racing on a small bore machine, such as a 650cc twin, but any machine is acceptable, with the 600cc inline four cylinder machines being the most common.


During the race school, many important areas will be covered such as:

  • Turn in Points

  • Braking Markers

  • Drafting

  • Passing Setup Etiquette

  • Defensive Lines

  • Grid Procedures

  • Race Starts

The full race license may be purchased after you complete the race school. 


A Moto Series Race License is required to participate during all competition events unless otherwise stated. 

This differs from our track days where no license or membership is required. 

A race license is not required to take the race school, as it falls under the track day. 

Some special non championship race events may waive this requirement, watch the calendar and checkout cart for future developments. 



Rider and Machine Requirements


Motorcycle Preparations:

  • REMOVE THE ANTI-FREEZE, water or water with Red-Line Water Wetter are the only fluids allowed in your cooling system.

  • Race bodywork is highly recommended

  • Remove your mirrors

  • Remove or tape all turn signals

  • Remove or tape your headlight lens

  • Remove or tape your brake lights

  • Remove or secure your kickstand

  • Remove your license plate and/or bracket

  • New or newer tires. New "track day" or race compound tires are recommended

  • Anything that can be an entanglement or impalement hazard should be removed (rear passenger pegs and/or brackets, stunt cages)

  • Safety Wire is highly recommended, see our Road Race Rule Book for placement


Rider Preparations:

  • Helmet

  • Gauntlet style gloves that cover the wrist

  • Boots that cover the ankle

  • Leather suit

  • Back Protector

    The leather suit may be of a two piece construction, but most have a full circumference zipper. 

    One piece leather suits with built in back protectors are available to rent, but are on a first come first serve basis. 

    Rider is required to provide the rest of their own kit, as only leathers are available for rental. 

    Leathers should fit relatively tight, and some find it unusual at first.



Track Day Operations


The day will consist of rotating groups of on track activity.  The order is nearly always the same.

Three sessions before and four sessions after lunch for each group.  The race school operates during the Intermediate group.

Group Rotation Order:

  • Advance - First Session of Each Hour

  • Intermediate - Second Session of Each Hour

  • Novice - Third Session of Each Hour

Important Events

7:30-8:30    Sign-In and Motorcycle Safety Inspection

8:30            Riders Meeting

9:00            Report to Race School Instructor

12:00          1 Hour Lunch

4:00            Grid to Practice Race Starts

5:00            Certificate Awards




Race School Calendar

Dates we offer our Road Race School will be limited to specific events.

Pricing is based on registrations received 7 days or more prior to the event date.

Registrations received 7 days or less prior to the event date will be charged a $30 post-registration late fee.





May 3

Nelson Ledges

$ 205

May 17

Putnam Park

$ 220

June 7

Nelson Ledges

$ 205

June 28

Pitt Race / Beaverun

$ 220

August 2

Nelson Ledges

$ 205

August 30

Nelson Ledges

$ 205

September 14

Pitt Race / BeaveRun

$ 220



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