Racing Rulebook

Updates and Revisions will be noted with the date of release

2012 Moto Series Road Race Championship


Table of Contents

Table of Contents *

Chapter 1 Moto Series Discretionary Rules *

Introduction *

Policies *

Chapter 2 Fees and Registration *

Fees *

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Chapter 3 Licensure and Competition Numbering *

Numbering *

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Chapter 4 Definitions and Flags *

Definitions *

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Chapter 5 Race Day Procedures *

Pre-Race Policies *

Board Definitions *

Race Policies *

Abbreviated Race Day Itinerary *

Chapter 6 Technical and Safety Requirements *

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Motorcycle requirements *

Items to be Safety Wired *

Exceptions and Inclusions *

Rider requirements/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) *

Chapter 7 General Class Rules *

Basic Rules (Standard Allowances) *

Class Types *

Chapter 8 Sprint Race Rules and Classifications *

Class Notes *

Class Definitions *

Organization Cross Reference for Vintage Classes *

Chapter 9 Endurance Race Rules and Classifications *

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Chapter 10 Scoring and Championship Points *

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Point Structures *

Chapter 11 Media and Vending *

Chapter 12 Liability Waiver *

Chapter 13 Season Schedule and Daily Timeline *

Calendar *

Typical Race Day Schedule *

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Chapter 14 Revisions *

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13 February *

Chapter 1 Moto Series Discretionary Rules


We at MOTO SERIES structure our rule book to be as competition friendly as possible, allowing competitors from many other organizations to race with us. As such we have opted to keep our rule book as minimalist as possible. Please understand that although a particular rule may not be explicitly stated, the Race Director maintains discretionary rights over all rules. It is our feeling that a rider should not win races and championships through rule book loopholes, rather they should be won through honorable and friendly competition on-track. If you have any questions regarding items that may not be stated in the rule book, please provide a written request for clarification to the Race Director.


The Race Director reserves the right to require that a rider wear an orange or red vest/T-shirt over their leathers for racing events or other color vest/T-shirt for non-competition events.

Un-safe and un-sportsmanlike riding techniques should be reported to a MOTO SERIES Official. A rider found guilty of un-safe or un-sportsmanlike riding techniques may be assessed a Stop and Go penalty, disqualification, suspension, revoked license/membership, and substantial fines.

Alcohol and Drug abuse will not be tolerated at any time during any MOTO SERIES events.

Consumption of Alcohol is not permitted during the operating hours at all MOTO SERIES events.

Hazardous materials, Explosives, Fireworks, Weapons of any type and/ or Firearms are not permitted at any MOTO SERIES events.

Riders are responsible for the behavior of all team members and guests associated with the rider.

Any minor entering in a MOTO SERIES event must have a signed parental consent form for each day attending accompanied by a parent or guardian on site during the entirety of the event.

All children under 18 years of age are not allowed on any part of the racing surface, including Pit Lane when the track is considered cold; and must be accompanied by an adult at all times. All pets must be contained or leashed at all times.

Reporting of complaints/protests must be done within the date of the event so that corrective actions can be executed in a timely manner to insure a safe and fun environment.

A rider's signature on any and all MOTO SERIES Registration and Entry forms or online internet registrations is an acknowledgment of the rules and regulations contained within.

All rules and regulations contained within may be modified or removed without notice at any time. Changes will be available on the official MOTO SERIES website and the most recent copy of the addendum will be posted in Registration.

Assessment and assignment of infractions and penalties will be at the sole discretion of the Race Director. Jump Starts and other rider infractions will be determined by MOTO SERIES Officials only.

Final determinations of events, rules, results, and disciplinary actions shall be that of the Race Director or a MOTO SERIES Official specifically appointed by the Race Director for such actions.

MOTO SERIES reserves the right to ask any individual or group for any reason to immediately vacate the premises during any event for any period of time regardless of concern of the involved parties in order to maintain a safe environment and prolonged health of the organization.

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Chapter 2 Fees and Registration


All pricing is based on Pre-Registration by paid MOTO SERIES members.

Post-Registration fee $25 for registrations received 7 days or less prior to event.

MOTO SERIES membership/license fee $115.

Non member surcharge $35 applied to first entry only.

Sprint race first entry $90, second entry $70, third entry $40, fourth and additional entries $20.

Mini 20 Endurance entry $100 (Qualifies as a First Entry or an additional $10 to total entries).

Mini Iron Butt Endurance entry $110 (Qualifies as a First Entry or an additional $20 to total entries).

3 Hour Endurance entry $250 (Qualifies as a First Entry or an additional $20 to total entries).

Transponder Rental per Event/Weekend $35, limited availability.

Leather Rental per day $35, $100 refundable deposit required.

Gate fee $10 per person per day, children 12 and under free; fee may vary, see venue for details.


Any rider that is not a MOTO SERIES member will be assessed a $35 surcharge for the first race class entered.  All riders that are not MOTO SERIES members must possess and present, at the time of registration, a valid race license from another road race organization recognized by the Race Director.  A race license is not required for affiliated track days.

Pre-Registrations must be received prior to 7 days to the event date.

A Post-Registration fee of $25 will be applied to entries received 7days or less up to the time of the event as a single fee for that event/round (multiple entries are only assessed the fee for the first entry).

MOTO SERIES Racer Sponsorship Program (includes class champions, staff/officials, Moto Series Junior) are eligible for discounts and/or other compensations.  All sponsored racers must display all decals and patches on all bikes and suits, and must wear official apparel at all MOTO SERIES events and on other motorcycle related events when possible.

Every class champion must display an officially released MOTO SERIES logo applied to both sides of their motorcycle and patch applied to upper portion of suit (shoulder(s) and/or chest locations) in order to redeem their Champion discount.

Verification will be conducted during Tech Inspection.

Riders are responsible for placement of logos and patches.

Each Sprint class First place champion will receive a $20 Champion discount for each round of the following season.

Each Mini Endurance class First place champion will receive a $20 Champion discount for each round of the following season.

Each 3 Hour Endurance class First place champion will receive a $35 Champion discount for each round of the following season.

All 3 Hour Endurance teams will be scored based upon their overall finishing place and positions.

Transponder rentals are available for $35 per round. A valid credit card, check, or cash must be presented to secure a rental in case of loss, damage, or theft. Full current replacement costs ($448.00 plus applicable tax) may be assessed for non-returned or damaged rentals with in the event date.

Gate Fees may be charged at any MOTO SERIES event as required by track policies.

Typical Gate Fees are $10 per person, children under 12 may not be charged. Fees and policies vary per track; see track/gate personnel for information.

Paid first entries include morning practice sessions for that date.

Riders entered in different classes sharing a motorcycle may be assigned different practice groups.

Riders with paid entries with multiple motorcycles may practice in multiple groups.

If an event is canceled prior to the start of the day by track management; a full refund or credit may be available. This is the only time a refund may be given.

If a rider has Pre-Registered and is unable to attend an event, a full credit may be issued if accepted and received notice is given prior to 8:00 a.m. on the event date.

Un-approved (Pre-Registrations and all Post-Registration) cancellations will be subject to a $25 handling fee or forfeiture of total amount.

A rider who is unable to complete an event date will receive credits for remaining classes entered and did not start. Once a rider passes Tech Inspection, and wishes to withdraw, a $25 handling fee (Practice Session cost) will be applied and remaining credit will be given.

All-Day Unlimited Racing purchases are not eligible for any credits or refunds.

Discounts are non-transferable and will have no cash value or exchange.

Discounts or credits not redeemed by the following MOTO SERIES event from the event date issued will be expired and forfeited. A rider may petition for a prolonged expiration providing extenuating circumstances approved by the Race Director.

Discounts and credits will be applied towards the total dollar amount paid for all entries that round, if a rider wishes to withdraw and receive remaining credits, any discounts and credits used to pay for entries will be subtracted from the remaining credits issued.

Discounts and credits exceeding entry fees will be forfeited.

Suspensions, disqualifications, and revoked license/memberships will forfeit any fees paid, discounts, and credits.

Fines will be assessed and a written copy will be issued during the event or within 72 hours of the incident causing disciplinary actions. All Fines are to be paid within 30 days of assignment; a late fee of $10 per day will be assessed until payment is received. Fines not paid will result in civil and/or criminal suit with all associated costs included. Each MOTO SERIES Official involved in filing and prosecuting cases will be paid $80 per hour for time related to each case. Travel and hospitality expenses will also be included in such cases.

It is the rider's responsibility to request and receive any refunds or credits. Refunds or credits not requested by the end of the event date may not be returned or issued.

Registration and Entry forms are to be completely filled out. Incomplete forms may result in invalid scoring or disqualification. It will not be the responsibility of MOTO SERIES to correct or alter any forms to ensure rider/team results.

Contingency and other Monies paid out to riders will only be distributed if all necessary paperwork (e.g., Entry form, Contingency form) are completely filled out with current or specifically noted updated information.

New issue and replacement license/membership fee will be $5.

It is the responsibility of all participants of a MOTO SERIES event to know the rules and guidelines of each track attended. Ask for details at the gate if you are unsure.

Privacy Notice

All information received or request by MOTO SERIES will only be used by MOTO SERIES; no information will be made available or distributed to any other person or business except for the sole purpose of that directly related to MOTO SERIES. At no time will any on-line internet purchases or history, bank check, credit card, birth date, social security number, or medical records be available to any other person or business except in the case of a medical emergency required to facilitate the needs of the rider or in a legal matter pertaining directly to an individual as required by a court or appointed lawyer, or legal representative by MOTO SERIES.

 Table of Contents *

Chapter 3 Licensure and Competition Numbering


Endurance only teams and Expert riders only may run any color combination number plate with a contrasting border upon the approval of the Race Director; reflective metallic stickers are not allowed.

All Novice riders are required to have a black number on a yellow background.

Number Plates must be clear and easily readable from 100 feet. All motorcycles must display three separate number plates; one on the front and one on each side, tail section preferred. Numbers must be as large as possible to fill required Number Plate areas. Numbers must be a minimum of 4" tall with a minimum 1/2" spacing between numbers and the background border.  For Novices this does not mean outline, a continuous yellow background must encompass the entire number group with no voids so that there can be no confusion to be mistaken as an expert custom color. Side number plates not able to fit properly on the tail section must be visible when the rider is in riding position on lower fairings. Number plate requirements will be subject to Tech Inspection. Improper or illegible numbers may result in a failed Tech Inspection, disqualification, last place position, or other disciplinary actions.


A rider may have up to 30 days after the expiration date of their membership to reserve a competition number. After January 31, 2013 any number not renewed will no longer be reserved and made available to be assigned on a first come basis.

MOTO SERIES reserves the right to conduct on and off track evaluations of non-licensed riders and racers licensed with other organizations prior to their participation in MOTO SERIES events.

A rider or rider/motorcycle combination may be re-classified based on Performance Indexing.

A rider's status (e.g., Expert/Novice) may be changed at any time.  Rider's status will be the sole determination of the Race Director.

A rider's status may be petitioned at any time by the rider.

Any rider not competing within 12 months may be required to attend a MOTO SERIES School or Practice session to be approved for license renewal. Riders with lap times consistently more than One Minute and Thirty Seconds (at Nelson Ledges) or over 120 % of current lap times may be removed from racing. This may or may not include motorcycle limitations (machines under 40 horsepower will be exempt from the minimum lap time, however will be subject to 120% of current lap times of similar machines).

 Table of Contents *

Chapter 4 Definitions and Flags


Performance Indexing - The assessed ability of a rider or motorcycle, either individual or in combination, to compete in similarly paced or skill of others.

Un-sportsmanlike/Un-safe - Any behavior on or off track that may potentially harm another rider, official, or non-participant; or intent to incite or cause others harm.  Off-pace and/or erratic riding may be classified as unsafe riding techniques.

Jump Start - The rear wheel crossing the assigned grid row prior to the Green Flag being displayed. A Stop and Go penalty may be assessed.

Stop and Go penalty - A Black Flag or Meatball Flag pointed at or with the offending competitor's number displayed. The rider must enter Pit Lane within two laps of the flag being first displayed and must come to a Complete Stop at the designated Black Flag area at which time will then be released by a MOTO SERIES Official. Any rider failing to take the Stop and Go penalty may be placed in last position or disqualified.

Complete Stop - The motorcycle must come to complete rest with the rider placing at least one foot on the ground.

Crashing and Re-Tech - Any part of the motorcycle other than the tires touching the racing surface (including - Pit Lane, riding off track, paddock, etc.) resulting in loss of control or inability to maintain a racing line; or loss of control of the motorcycle during a MOTO SERIES event causing possible damage to either the motorcycle or rider. The rider and motorcycle must be checked by a Corner Worker or MOTO SERIES Official prior to entering the track surface in order to report to Re-Tech. Any rider or motorcycle that crashes at any time during an event must report to the designated Tech Inspection area during practice or Black Flag area during racing. Anyone failing to follow or ignore a Corner Worker or MOTO SERIES Official to report to Re-Tech is subject to disciplinary action.

Pit Lane - To be considered Hot (traffic entering or exiting) at all times. Team members and spectators may only cross Pit Lane in the designated area located perpendicular to Start/Finish, or as directed for that event. Direction of traffic clockwise only, or unless specified.

Pit-Out Director - May be used to safely guide out-going riders onto the track. No one may enter the track, even under a Green Flag, without the permission of the Pit-Out Director; any rider ignoring directions may be Black Flagged. Time spent on Pit Lane while waiting at command of the Pit-Out Director is not counted towards mandatory breaks. All races will be subject to this rule. Use of a Pit-Out Director may be posted during Registration and during the Mandatory Riders Meeting.

Mandatory Riders Meeting - Required by all riders and team members to attend prior to the start of racing. It is recommended that all riders be in leathers and ready to race immediately following the Mandatory Riders Meeting so that racing can begin to maintain a timely schedule.

DNF/DNS - Did Not Finish is no longer used. Any rider crossing Start/Finish Line under a Green Flag will be assigned a finishing place and points in the order by which riders finish the race, either by Red Flag or Checker Flag. Did Not Start will only signify a rider entered a race but did not grid, no points or finishing place will be assigned.

Class Champion - A rider or team who accumulates the most points in a given class throughout the season. A rider must have scored points in a minimum of 75 % of the total rounds to be eligible for a championship; first, second, and third places will be awarded.

Double Header - Two separate races of the same class held during the same round with points applying to a single class championship.

Practice Session - Time allotments for riders to be on track prior to racing.

3 Hour Endurance - A race run for 3 continuous hours. Laps are counted as completion of a full lap crossing Start/Finish prior to the end of 3 hours. Finishing place and points are awarded to teams in order of most laps completed.

Mini 20 Endurance - A race run for 20 continuous minutes. Laps are counted as completion of a full lap crossing Start/Finish prior to the end of 20 minutes. Finishing place and points are awarded to riders in order of most laps completed.

Mini Iron Butt Endurance - A race run for 40 continuous minutes. Laps are counted as completion of a full lap crossing Start/Finish prior to the end of 40 minutes. Finishing place and points are awarded to riders in order of most laps completed.


Green Flag - Indicates the start of the race or Practice Session or Sighting/Warm-up lap.

White Flag - One lap remaining prior to the completion of a Sprint race or used during the 3 Hour Endurance to signify the ending of the Mini 20 and Mini Iron Butt Endurances. May also be used during the 3 Hour Endurance to indicate approximately 2 minutes remaining to the completion of the event; regardless of the scheduled ending time.

Green and White Flags Crossed/Half-way Flag - Half-way mark of a race.

Checkered Flag - Completion of a race or practice session. Riders are to acknowledge with a head nod, thumbs-up, or safe motion to the Start/Finish flag worker.

Standing Yellow Flag - Potential problem on or near the racing surface. May indicate a Waiving Yellow Flag ahead at the next Corner Worker station. Passing is permitted.

Waiving Yellow Flag - A problem immediately at or ahead of the Corner Worker station. No passing allowed until the next Corner Worker station either displaying a Standing Yellow Flag or no flag. Passing under a Waiving Yellow Flag may result in a Stop and Go penalty or other discretionary actions by the Race Director.

Red Flag - Immediate suspension of racing or practice. All riders are to slow down to a safe and controlled speed, as soon as can safely be done, the riders must raise a hand or leg motion to relay acknowledgment and alert riders behind.  All riders are to report to Pit Lane and will be directed by a MOTO SERIES Official at this time. Scoring will revert back to the last completed lap prior to the Red Flag. Timing will continue during Endurance races. Anyone not recognizing or following instructions may be penalized at the discretion of the Race Director.  Adjustments, repairs, re-fueling, etc. can be performed during a Red Flag.

Yellow and Red Striped Flag - Indicates debris on or off the racing surface or when displayed in a folded or pointed manner to indicate rain fall.  Hand signals may also be given at this time by a Corner Worker.

Standing Black Flag - Shown with or without a competitors number or may be pointed at a rider to indicate a situation that requires the rider to report directly to the designated Black Flag area in Pit Lane, at which time will be directed by a MOTO SERIES Official.  The rider is to immediately get off the racing line and raise a hand or leg motion to acknowledge and alert riders behind.

Waiving Black Flag - Shown with or without a competitors number or may be pointed at a rider to indicate a situation that requires the rider to immediately get off the racing surface. The rider must leave the racing surface to the nearest side of the track. The rider is to bring the motorcycle as close to the tire barrier or safely away from the run-off area as quickly as possible. The rider is to remain in that area until the Corner Worker can direct the rider at this time.

White Flag with a Red Cross centered/Ambulance Flag - May be shown after a Red Flag to indicate an ambulance on track. All racing is stopped and all riders are to report to Pit Lane. Passing the ambulance safely is allowed at this time; same procedures as a Red Flag. May be shown during the race to indicate an ambulance traveling off of the racing surface without stopping the race.

Black Flag with an Orange Circle/Dot in the center/Meatball Flag - Same procedure as Standing Black Flag.

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Chapter 5 Race Day Procedures

Pre-Race Policies

MOTO SERIES will provide and mount a beacon for lap timers approximately 200 feet or more before Start/Finish at every event mounted at approximately the common height of clip-ons and tail sections on the Pit Lane side of the track.

MOTO SERIES not responsible for proper function of the beacon.

It is required that anyone wanting to mount their own beacon, they first submit a request to the Race Director for approval.

All grid positions are filled based on the time and date the race entry is received. A rider's grid position may be changed at any time at the discretion of a MOTO SERIES Official.

It is the rider's responsibility to know their grid position(s).

Races with both Expert and Novice divisions may be combined and may include Row and Wave Breaks.

All Sprint races will be 10 lap events; except for 250 Super Bike, Vintage Light, Vintage Classic, and Vintage Sport which will be 8 laps unless combined with other classes at 10 laps.

Length of time and number of laps of any race or practice session may be adjusted as deemed necessary to maintain a safe event or timely schedule.

Riders not taking assigned grid positions may be placed last on grid or take the start from Pit Lane. If a rider takes a different grid position other than assigned except from the last row behind all other assigned rows or Pit Lane, the rider may be assessed a Stop and Go penalty.

A rider may request a different grid position prior to the display of the 5 Minute Board. Approval will be at the discretion of a MOTO SERIES Official.

Board Definitions

5 Minute Board - Once displayed, riders may begin the Sighting/Warm-up lap. Any rider needing to scrub-in tires for a later race may do so at this time, the rider must raise a hand or leg motion prior to the last corner to alert riders taking grid positions.

4 Minute Board - This is the last chance to take a Sighting/Warm-up lap.

Prior to the 2 Minute Board being displayed, any rider not in the correct grid position may be directed by a MOTO SERIES Official in order to maintain a safe and timely race.

3 Minute Board - Once displayed, any rider not on track must take the start of the race from Pit Lane as directed by a MOTO SERIES Official.

Any rider starting from Pit Lane must stay on Pit Lane until after the race has started, and after the starting field has past the Pit Exit as directed by a MOTO SERIES Official.

2 Minute Board - Indicates that all riders are in safe grid positions and must be immediately prepared to begin the race. Riders taking the start from Pit Lane will not be observed by the Starter in regard to displaying the Green Flag.

1 Minute Board - Indicates the Starter has acknowledged all Grid Marshals have approved a safe grid to begin racing. Riders will have visors down and motorcycles in gear. Second Wave riders are required to have their left hand raised to acknowledge their preparedness for the Second Wave start.

1 Minute Board rotated sideways/Half Minute Board - Indicates the Green Flag will be displayed immediately at the discretion of the Starter.

Race Policies

After the Green Flag is displayed, Second Wave riders will be shown the 1or 2 Minute Board, same procedure as First Wave start.

Black Flag area to Re-Tech is located on Pit Lane at Start/Finish.

Change of location will be notified either prior to or during the Mandatory Riders Meeting.

In the event that an ambulance must be deployed on track, all racing will end or be suspended with a Red Flag displayed prior to the ambulance entering the racing surface which may include Pit Lane. If deemed possible to access a downed rider in a safe manner without ending a race, an Ambulance Flag will be displayed with the ambulance traveling off of the racing surface.

Should the Red Flag be displayed in a race that has shown the Half-way Flag or more than 50% of the total laps/time scheduled, the race may be considered complete. If shown before the Half-way Flag or less than 50% of the total laps/time scheduled, the race will be Re-Started with original grid positions, with the remainder of originally scheduled laps, starting after the last completed lap prior to the Red Flag being shown.

If a race is considered completed, any rider at fault causing the race-ending incident may be placed last on the results, or at the end of their respective laps prior to the Red Flag.

If a race is to Re-Start, any rider at fault causing a Red Flag incident will be placed last on the new grid and may be penalized; either with a minimum 1 lap penalty, Stop and Go, or a specific time allotment relative to the time during the Red Flag situation at the discretion of the Race Director.

All protests and appeals must be presented in writing to the Race Director prior to the completion of the subsequent race; in the case of the final race within 15 minutes of race completion.

Abbreviated Race Day Itinerary

This schedule is only an abbreviated format, may be changed at any time. Tentative daily schedules may be available during Registration.

Registration opens.

Tech Inspection opens.

Mandatory Riders Meeting thirty minutes prior to scheduled racing. Assemble at Tech Inspection area or as otherwise directed per that day.

Practice Sessions begin. Session order/times may vary, listen for announcements.

Conclusion of Practice Sessions will be First Call for racing.

Racing begins.

Lunch Break begins.

Spectator Ride may be offered at this time. Ask for details in Registration.

Racing resumes.

Endurances begin.

Sprint racing approximate timing:

White Flag shown will be First Call for the following race.

Checker Flag shown will be Second Call for the following race.

Last rider off track will be Third and Final Call for the following race.

Trophy Presentation in Registration.

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Chapter 6 Technical and Safety Requirements


Tech Inspection is mandatory for all MOTO SERIES events. Any rider or motorcycle that has not passed Tech Inspection may be subject to disciplinary action.

Motorcycle requirements

Lower fairings must be removed prior to entering Technical Inspection, NO EXCEPTIONS. Any motorcycle entering Tech Inspection without the lowers removed may be assessed a fine, impeding or harassment of a Tech Inspector may result in disqualification.

Belly pans installed on frame cradles may not have to be removed at the discretion of the Tech Inspector (e.g., Vintage or Motards without body-work).

All motorcycles must be safety wired as described below.

All maintenance, repairs, or race preparations must be done in a workmanlike manner; must also be clean and in good working order.

NO ANTIFREEZE. Entering the racing surface with any un-approved coolant will result in disciplinary action and fines. Water or water with Red Line Brand Water Wetter are the only acceptable cooling liquids allowed.

Case guards are mandatory for FZRs and air cooled GSXRs.

Steering Dampers are mandatory,.  Electronic Dampers are not allowed and must be replaced with aftermarket models that can be tested during technical inspection.

Any excess brackets, metal fasteners, or protrusions that could impale or entangle must be removed.

No turbo charging or super chargers allowed.

All motorcycles must have an AMB 260x transponder mounted. The preferred location is the right lower fork leg. If this is not possible, the lowest closest point to the ground position is preferred. Cannot be any further forward on the motorcycle than the front axle.

Working kill switch is mandatory. Must be mounted above the top triple clamp or on a handle bar.

Belly pans capable of holding 5 quarts of fluid are mandatory. Molded plastic or fiberglass is preferred but any method meeting the required criteria may be approved.

All gas tanks must be equipped with an easily accessible pet-cock except motorcycles originally manufactured without one.

A rider or motorcycle will fail technical inspection if improper use or display of the equipment and requirements for any applied contingency. A rider must meet compliance of the applied contingency or remove that contingency from their entry form.

Items to be Safety Wired

Axle Nuts not captured by Pinch Bolts

Pinch Bolts (At least one per leg)

Brake Caliper Bolts

Front Brake Pad Retaining Pins

Muffler Clamp and Bracket Bolts (All)

Oil Drain Plug

Oil Filter (External filter by hose clamp around the filter wired to a static point)

All Fluid line Caps (Radiator Cap, Oil Fill Cap, etc.)

Exceptions and Inclusions

May have Silicone applied instead of wired:

Front Brake Pad Retaining Pins

Oil Galley Plugs

Fork Oil Drain Screws or Bolts

Some Vintage and specific models (FZR, Ducati, or as requested by a Tech Inspector) may require additional wiring; which may include:

All Pressurized Oil and Cooling Lines

Externally Adjustable Cam Chain Tensioner

Removable Exhaust Baffles or Cap

Speedometer and Tachometer Cables

Stay Arm Bolts

Rider requirements/Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Visor Tear-Off's are only allowed to be removed on long straights.

Undamaged full-face helmet and face shield with manufacturer approved labeling from one of the following international standards (2007 or newer, may not be manufactured more than 5 years from current date):

D. O. T. FMVSS - 218 (USA)

Snell M2005 and M2010 (USA)


ECE 22 - 04 & ECE 22 - 05 "P" (EUROPE)

Any other PPE maybe be requested to be inspected at any time. MOTO SERIES reserves the right to forbid competition to any competitor who does not have satisfactory PPE.

Back Protectors are mandatory.

Chest Protectors are Highly Recommended and may become a requirement for 2013.

Leathers must be one piece or two-piece that completely zips together.

Gloves must be worn and must cover wrists.

Boots must be 8" tall, covering the pant legs and ankles.

 Table of Contents *

Chapter 7 General Class Rules

Basic Rules (Standard Allowances)

All classes can use any choice of tires, fuels (No Alcohol or Nitro-Methane).

Super Bike and GT rules include and are not limited to: any exhaust systems, fork springs and internals, direct bolt-on replacement shock and spring, brake lines and pads, direct bolt-on brake rotors, ignition timing systems, fuel management systems (e.g., Power Commander, Jet kits), rear-sets, clip-ons, fairing brackets, instrument gauges/controls, sub-frames, shift mechanisms, chains/sprockets, welding acceptable for stand supports and repairs.

All displacement limits are based on production models; up to 2mm over-bore or as available manufacturer maintenance

Any team or motorcycle may race up any class with in rule limits, but not down; any points earned by racing up a class only apply to that class. Points in different classes cannot be combined.

With permission by the Race Director, a rider or team may substitute a motorcycle during a race as long as it is legal for the class, subject to a 2 lap minimum penalty.

Body-work must resemble OEM; excluding Formula and Vintage classes

OEM Frame/Engine combination; excluding Formula and Vintage classes

Class Types

Formula Classes

Custom built race-bikes

Unlimited modifications

No Formula motorcycle may race into other classes unless they are specifically added to that class or petitioned.

Super Bike Classes

Heavily modified production based (including 2 Stroke GP's and similar)

Any wheels, brakes, suspension, engine, etc. modifications

250 Class will be restricted to Superstock/Supersport type rules

Vintage Classes

Pre 2001, 1998, and 1990 production based motorcycles with age and model appropriate modifications only. Bikes are to represent the spirit of the time period.

Modifications may be allowed so long as no part is newer than age limit of the class or petitioned.

No Expert/Novice distinction.

 Table of Contents *

Chapter 8 Sprint Race Rules and Classifications

Class Notes

All Super Bike Classes are Double Headers; each race is scored independently, both race points count towards the Championship.

Except Vintage Classic (8 laps), all races scheduled 10 laps if weather and time permits, otherwise all remaining races may be reduced to 8 laps or less.

The 3 Hour Endurance must end at 6 pm regardless of start time due to time limitation conditions set forth by track managements.

All Endurance classes, Vintage classes, 750 GT, 1000 GT, 250 and 1000 Super Bike will not have Expert/Novice Distinction.

Twin Super Bike and 600 Super Bike are the only classes with Expert/Novice Distinctions.

Class Definitions

All displacements assumed Water Cooled, 4 Stoke, and/or Multiple (3 and 4) Cylinder configurations, unless noted otherwise.

1000 GT

Formula Rules

Unlimited Displacement

750 cc 2 Stroke

1000 Super Bike (Double Header)

Super Bike Rules

1300 cc Twins

1000 cc

750 cc 2 Stroke

750 GT

Super Bike Rules

Formula Rules for Singles and Twins

1000 cc Twins

750 cc

550 cc 2 Stroke

600 Super Bike (Double Header)

Super Bike Rules

1250 cc Twins Air Cooled

900 cc Twins

675 cc Triples

600 cc

250 cc 2 Stroke

Twin (650) Super Bike (Double Header)

Super Bike Rules (custom built machines may petition for Formula/Vintage Rules)

1000 cc Singles and Twins Air Cooled

750 cc Air Cooled

700 cc Twins

600 cc Pre-Production 1990

550 cc

Unlimited 2 Stroke Air Cooled

400 cc 2 Stroke Motards

125 cc 2 Stroke GP Specific Motorcycles

(Allowed exceptions: Aprillia RS250)

 250 Super Bike (Double Header) (machines not listed for this class may petition to be added at the discretion of the Race Director)

Supersport/Superstock Rules (limited modifications, this is designed to be a budget near-stock class, contact Race Director for details if you wish to modify)

250 cc Modern Honda CBR and Kawasaki Ninja


Vintage Super Bike (depending on rider turnout, this class may be split into Heavy and Middle distinctions in order to maintain a fair racing environment, this option will only be considered if petitioned by riders prior to the riders meeting the morning of the event).  Class may be expanded to allow newer machines and possible separation if newer machine/rider combinations prove unfair to remaining machine/riders.

Super Bike Rules

Formula Rules for Singles and Twins

Unlimited Twins Pre 2001 Production (Heavy Weight)

1000 cc Steel Frame Production Motorcycles (Heavy Weight)

1000 cc Naked Bodywork Production Motorcycles (Heavy Weight)

1216 cc Pre 2001 Production (Heavy Weight)


Unlimited Twins Pre 1998 Production (Middle Weight)

750 cc Air Cooled (Middle Weight)

650 cc (Middle Weight)

600 cc Naked Production Motorcycles all years (Middle Weight)

1216 cc Pre 1990 Production (Middle Weight)

(Allowed exceptions: Buells (All Air Cooled), Ducati 748, FZ6, FZ6R, YZF600RR all years) (Middle Weight)

Vintage Sport

Pre 1990 Production

Frame modifications allowed for Vintage Classic criteria

1000 cc Singles

1000 cc Twins Air Cooled

700 cc Twins

500 cc 2 Stroke Air Cooled

690 cc Motards

650 cc Air Cooled

490 cc

450 cc 2 Stroke (non GP street production)

(Allowed exceptions: Ducati 750SS, Seca 750, Race Replicas such as TZR250, NSR250, RGV250)

Vintage Classic

Pre 1983 Production

Original frames, Modified frames must move up to Vintage Sport

Unlimited Harley Davidson

1200 cc 2 valve/cylinder

1200 cc Twins

1025 cc 4 valve/cylinder

750 cc 2 Stroke

530 cc Motards

500 cc Singles

(Allowed exceptions: GS500, EX500 all years, Pre 1986 Production VF750, CB900, GPZ, KZ, and J1100, GS1000, TZ750, FZ750)

Vintage Light

Pre 1982 Production

Mono Shock modifications allowed

Unlimited Singles

1000 cc Harley Davidson including EVOs

1000 cc Triples and Twins

840 cc SOHC Pre 1979 Production

610 cc Air Cooled

500 cc 2 Stroke Pre 1965 Production GP

(Allowed exceptions: Ninja 250 all years, GPZ550(up to 3mm overbore, air cooled all years)

Vintage Ultra Light

Pre 1974 Production

750 cc

500 cc 2 Stroke

350 cc Twins and Singles Pre 1969 Production

Organization Cross Reference for Vintage Classes

See Class Definitions for specific rules.

Our name:  

Approximate equivalent:   WERA



Common machine:

Vintage Ultra Light  

V 1, 2, 3, GP 350  




Vintage Light  

V 4, E Superstock, GP 500  



KZ500, Ninja 250, GPZ550

Vintage Classic  

V 5  



EX500, GS500, KZ1000

Vintage Sport  

V6 Light, D SS, D SB, Clubman  




Vintage Super Bike  

V 7 Heavy, Middle, V 6 Heavy  



CBR600/F2/3, FZR/YZF600 


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Chapter 9 Endurance Race Rules and Classifications


All classes will follow Super Bike Rules, a team may petition for Formula or Vintage exceptions; no Expert/Novice distinction. All classes run concurrent.

All riders must be registered on the Registration and Entry forms. If a rider is not registered as a member of the team, that team will be subject to disqualification.

Teams can have no more than 5 people over the wall working on the bike at any one time; this includes the in-coming and out-going rider.

No more than 2 crew members may be at the front straight wall at any time.

During a refueling the engine must be shut off and the rider must be off of the motorcycle and the team must have one person dedicated to having a fire extinguisher (10lbs Minimum or two people with 5lbs each) with the pin pulled aimed at the motorcycle.

Anyone on Pit Lane will be required to wear appropriate shoes. Eye, Hand, and Hearing protection are highly recommended.

Any motorcycle requiring more than 15 minutes worth of repairs may be requested by a MOTO SERIES Official to move behind the pit wall.

All fluids must remain behind the Pit Lane wall unless immediately being used.

All equipment including race stands must be behind or against the pit wall when not in use.

No rider can ride longer than 1 hour and 30 minutes in a single session, a rider exceeding the maximum time may be Black Flagged.

All riders must take a minimum of a 5 minute break between sessions; Red Flags do not count towards the mandatory 5 minute breaks. A rider not taking or not completing the mandatory breaks may be Black Flagged and required to take an additional 5 minute break.

A MOTO SERIES official must be notified at least 2 minutes prior to the beginning of an Iron Butt rider's mandatory break. The break begins when the motorcycle has come to a Complete Stop, and ends when the rider places a foot on a peg. The engine may be on, but not in gear; either on a stand or held by the rider or team member.

All teams and riders are responsible for correctly timing their own breaks and sessions on track.

The Race Director may change the number and time of mandatory stops (e.g., extended Red Flag situation may allow for fewer stops or extreme weather conditions may cause additional stops to be added).

During a Red Flag, all motorcycles are to return to Pit Lane and park in their pit area during a red flag. Crew members may approach and assist the rider and must place the bike on a stand if they wish to perform any service or repairs.  Any work on the bike must be done in a safe and courteous manner to respect those near them and always be cautious of traffic.  Same procedures apply for refueling.

During a Red Flag teams may work on their motorcycles; all bikes must be on a stand supported upright and stable without any assitance.

Upon the presentation of the 5 minute board for the restart of the race the team may enter the track as per starting procedures. Teams are not required to Re-Start the race with the rest of the field. Teams may change riders at the Re-Start.

Teams will re-grid based upon their running order at the last completed hour of racing.

Original grid positions will be used if the race is Red Flagged within the first hour. A new grid will be posted with each hour's results.

The 3 Hour Endurance race will end at the 3 hour mark or at the scheduled ending time whether under a green flag or under a red flag.  If the race is not started in time to complete the full 3 hours the race will still end at the originally scheduled time.

Mini Endurances will have a Heavy Weight and Light Weight class only. The Mini 20 Endurance race will end at the 20 minute mark whether under a green flag or under a red flag. The Mini 40 Endurance race will end at the 40 minute mark whether under a green flag or under a red flag.

Class Definitions


Mini 20 Heavy

20 Minute Solo Endurance  

1000 Super Bike rules


Mini 20 Light

20 Minute Solo Endurance  

Twin Super Bike rules


Mini Iron Butt

40 Minute Solo Endurance  




3 Hour Team Endurance  

1000 Super Bike rules



3 Hour Team Endurance  

600 Super Bike rules



3 Hour Team Endurance  

Twin Super Bike rules


Iron Butt  

3 Hour Solo Endurance  


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Chapter 10 Scoring and Championship Points


AMB260x transponders are required by all competitors for valid scoring and race results.

Each rider must complete the Registration and Entry forms with the correct transponder number for each race entered.

Any competitor with a missing, non-functional, or un-registered transponder may be scored in last place. If manual scoring conducted by MOTO SERIES accurately reflects electronic scoring, riders without or partial electronic scoring results may be adjusted to final race posting finishing place and points at the discretion of the Race Director.

It is the responsibility of the competitor to register, properly charge and mount, and verify the ability to correctly transmit a signal for each transponder for each race entered.

It is suggested to all riders to mount transponders during practice sessions to ensure proper operation.

The Race Director will decide final championship position in case of a tie (e.g., most wins).

To be eligible for class championship positions First, Second, and Third, riders must score points in at least 75% of the total rounds (minimum 6 of 10 rounds).

Trophies and awards unclaimed by riders or teams on the event date earned will be considered forfeited.

Point Structures

Championship points will be the same for every class.



1st = 25  

6th = 10  

11th = 5


2nd = 20  

7th = 9  

12th = 4


3rd = 16  

8th = 8  

13th = 3


4th = 13  

9th = 7  

14th = 2


5th = 11  

10th = 6  

15th = 1

Rounds noted specifically or added to the championship series during the season may have championship points for every class at 150% as described above.


1st = 38

6th = 15  

11th = 8  

16th = 1


2nd = 30  

7th = 13  

12th = 6


3rd = 24

8th = 12  

13th = 5


4th = 20  

9th = 11  

14th = 3


5th = 17  

10th =9  

15th = 2

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Chapter 11 Media and Vending

No commercial photographers are permitted to take any kind of photography, either still or motion photography. MOTO SERIES has an Official Photographer; which is the only photographer permitted to sell commercial photos taken at all MOTO SERIES events. MOTO SERIES retains all copyrights over all visual and audible accounts of activities at all MOTO SERIES events.

MOTO SERIES traditionally releases rider results in media publications and advertising; this includes: still or motion pictures, riders' names, city and state of residence, make and model of motorcycle used, sponsors listed per riders' registrations, and partial or whole listing of results from either a particular event or combination of events held by MOTO SERIES or its affiliates.

Riders, teams, crew members, and guests, all attending MOTO SERIES events to be considered participants shall agree to the following and grant MOTO SERIES and its assigns: All rights to advertising, promotion, filming, recording, exhibition, and other exploitation's of the event, the participants and motorcycles entered in the event, and their activities at the site of the event before, during, and after the event and reasonably related to the event. Full and unconditional permission to make still or motion pictures and any other type(s) of audio or visual recordings of their and their motorcycle's participation the exclusive, worldwide and perpetual rights to use the same, together with their names, likeness, and date of, or relating to, their entered motorcycle(s) for publicity, advertising, exhibition or exploitation, whether or not for profit, in print, audio, video, or other distribution by any and all means now known or hereafter developed. Without the prior written consent of MOTO SERIES, they shall not take any still or motion pictures or make any audio or visual recording of the event, participants therein, or activities at the site of the event for the use other than personal, in-home use of the participant, or cause or permit others to do so or to use the same. Without the prior written consent of MOTO SERIES, they shall not offer for sale, sell, give away, or otherwise distribute, at the site of the event, any tokens, any souvenir, and product, or thing of value, or permit others to do so, and that MOTO SERIES shall be irreparably harmed by a violation of this paragraph.

MOTO SERIES retains the right to sole vending, use, and distribution of all materials and sales at all MOTO SERIES events. Local and Federal laws and taxes may apply.

Solicitation of any type is not allowed.

MOTO SERIES not liable for any materials or services offered by affiliated or recommended MOTO SERIES authorized vendors, professionals, or members. MOTO SERIES not liable for any materials or services offered by anyone or any business not affiliated with MOTO SERIES.

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Chapter 12 Liability Waiver

All attendants (participants and spectators) of any Moto Series event waive all rights to Arbitration and agree to all terms and conditions.

In Consideration of being permitted to enter for any purpose Any RESTRICTED AREA (herein defined as Including but not limited to the racing surface, pit areas, infield, hot pit, all walkways, concession, and other area appurtenant to any area where any activity related to the event shall take place, THE ATTENDEE for himself, his personal representatives, heirs, and next of kin, acknowledges, agrees and represents that he has or will immediately upon entering such restricted areas, and will continuously thereafter inspect such restricted areas and all portions thereof with which he enters and comes in contact and does further warrant that his entry upon such restricted areas, and his participation, if any, in the event constitute an acknowledgement that he has inspected such restricted area and that he find and accepts the same as being safe and reasonably suited for the purposes of his use, and he further agrees and warrants that if at any time, he is in or about restricted areas and he feels anything to be unsafe, he will immediately advise the officials of such and will leave the restricted areas); THE ATTENDEE HEREBY RELEASES, WAIVES, DISCHARGE HIS, HIS REPRESENTATIVE, HEIRS or NEXT OF KIN THE RIGHT TO SUE the promoter, participants, agents, sponsors, advertisers, owners, officials, corner marshals, any and all others associated with these events and activities for all purposes herein referred to as the "Releasees" for any loss or injury or death incurred by attendance and participation in these events or activities whether caused by negligence of the Releasees or otherwise while the undersigned is in or upon the restricted area. I further agree to hold harmless the Releasees. THE ATTENDEE ACKNOWLEDGES THAT THEY HAVE READ AND VOLUNTARILY SIGN THIS RELEASE and waiver and indemnity agreement and further agree that no oral representation, statements, or inducements apart from this agreement have been made. THE ATTENDEE ACKNOWLEDGES AND UNDERSTANDS THAT THE ACTIVITIES OF THE EVENT ARE DANGEROUS AND ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILTY FOR HIS/HER PARTICIPATION IN THIS EVENT COULD RESULT IN SERIOUS BODILY INJURY AND/OR DEATH AND/OR PERSONAL PROPERTY DAMAGE. THE ATTENDEE AUTHORIZES the use of photographs, motion pictures, and transmissions by electronic media of themselves, their name and their accomplishments, including all contingent sponsorships for which they have applied for publicity and promotional purposes without restrictions. THE ATTENDEE AUTHORIZES release of any medical and/or accident reports and/or other relevant information or reports/documents to MOTO SERIES for insurance reporting information. THE ATTENDEE AUTHORIZES the release of voluntarily submitted medical and health information to emergency medical personnel for the purpose treatment and/or transportation in the event that the ATTENDEE is incapacitated.

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Chapter 13 Season Schedule and Daily Timeline

The schedules are a guideline in which we intend to follow to maintain a consistent and timely weekend. Situations may arise requiring the order or timing to be changed, notice will be given as soon as possible when available.



Round  1

Nelson Ledges  

April 19


Round  2

Nelson Ledges  

May 20


Round  3

Nelson Ledges  

June 10


Round  4


July 1


Round  5

Nelson Ledges  

July 29


Round  6

Putnam Park

August 12


Round  7

Nelson Ledges

September 2


Round  8


September 23

  Round  9 Nelson Ledges   October 14
  Round  10 Grattan October 21



The Oaks Lakeside

November 3

Typical Race Day Schedule

6:00     Gates Open

7:30     Registration and Tech Opens

8:45     Riders Meeting, Assemble at Tech Area

9:00     Practice - Open to all groups first hour

10:10   Heavy Expert and Novice

10:25   Expert Only

10:35   Light Expert and Novice

10:50   Practice Ends, First Call for Racing

10:55   Third Call Racing, 5 Minute Board Displayed

11:00   Race 1    750 GT, Vintage MW Super Bike 1

11:20   Race 2    Twin Super Bike 1, Vintage Sport

11:40   Race 3    1000 and 600 Super Bike 1, Vintage HW Super Bike 1

12:00   Lunch

1:00     Race 4    1000 and 600 Super Bike 2, Vintage HW Super Bike 2

1:20     Race 5    250 Super Bike 1, Vintage Classic

1:40     Race 6    Twin Super Bike 2

2:00     Race 7    1000 GT, Vintage MW Super Bike 2

2:20     Race 8    250 Super Bike 2, Vintage Light, Vintage Ultra Light

2:40     Endurance Practice if time permits

3:00     3 Hour Endurance, Mini 20, Mini Iron Butt

6:00     Racing Ends

6:10     Trophy Presentations

9:00     Gates Closed (access times vary for each track)

Typical Trackday Schedule

6:00     Gates Open

7:00     Optional Track Walk, Assemble at Registration

7:30     Registration Opens

8:00     Tech Inspection Opens

8:30     Mandatory Riders Meeting

9:00     Track Day/Schools Begin, Each group rotating every 20 minutes

First - Advance Group

Second - Open Group and Race School

Third - Instructional Group

9:00     Registration and Tech Closes

12:00   Sessions End, Lunch Break Begins

1:00     Lunch Break Ends, Track Day/Schools Resume, 20 Minute Rotations

First - Advance

Second - Open and Race School

Third - Instructional

4:00     Race School Start Rehearsals

5:00     Track Day/Schools Ends

5:15     Graduation Ceremonies

9:00     Gates Locked (access times vary for each track)

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Chapter 14 Revisions

1 April 2011

Vintage Super Bike class expanded to allow newer machines and possible separation if newer machine/rider combinations prove unfair to remaining machine/riders.

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