Road Race Information

Motorcycle Racing General Information


A competion license is required for all riders entered in racing events.

License/membership is not required for track days.


We ride/race rain or shine.


No refunds unless an event is cancelled by Moto Series.

Schedule may vary for each event depending on situations such as weather or other factors.

Look for a printed/posted schedule at each event to verify order and times.




Available Classes


Sprint Racing

1000 GT

1000 Super Bike*

750 GT

600 Super Bike*

Twin (650) Super Bike*

250 Super Bike*


Vintage HeavyWeight Super Bike*

Vintage MiddleWeight Super Bike*

Vintage Sport

Vintage Classic

Vintage Light

Vintage Ultra Light


Endurance Racing

Mini 20 HeavyWeight

Mini 20 LightWeight

Mini Iron Butt (40 minute)**


HeavyWeight 3 Hour

LightWeight 3 Hour

Iron Butt** 3 Hour


* Super Bike classes consist of two separate races (like World Superbike), each

class is awarded place and points independently for a combined championship


** Iron Butt classes have no size or status distinction, open to all bikes.


Only 600 Super Bike and Twin Super Bike classes have Novice/Expert distinction.



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