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 Making future motorcycle road race champions with coaching and mentoring from current national professionals.

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First time at a particular track? 

First time running in the Intermediate group? 

Been running in intermediate for a while and seem to have plateaued? 

Considering race school but not sure you are ready?


If you answered yes to any of these the Mentoring program may be for you.

This program is offered at no additional cost by Moto Series to help you improve your riding ability, fun and safety. 

Listen the the announcement during the riders meeting.

After the meeting you will be teamed with an advanced rider or licensed racer. 


The program is informal - you tell the mentor what you would like to work on and they will ride with you coaching on lines, body positioning, passing etc.

You set the pace and how many sessions you want the mentor to ride with you.

There is usually leap frogging and debriefing as soon as the session ends.

The mentors can also check your gear and your bike (with help of tech inspectors) to see if they are up to race safety standards if you are thinking of moving up. 


Many riders find they are more comfortable, consistent, have improved body positioning, and take the proper lines around the track after the mentoring program.

This usually results in faster, more consistent lap times and  you will be safer and more predictable on the track (and it is not unheard of for a knee puck to touch the ground for the first time).


If this program sounds of interest look for the posts on the forum and raise your hand that you are interested during the riders meeting.


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