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Who are we?

We are a family oriented motorcycle rider education and motorcycle road racing club organized, managed, and owned by North East Ohio locals looking to offer the best motorcycling experience possible.

Formerly known as Fasttrax, we rebranded into the new name of Moto Series LLC with the acquisition of Fasttrax Motorcycle Performance Inc. in late March 2010 and building services to expand our philosophy of riding.   Comprised of an all volunteer staff of current and former racers coming from all walks of life wanting to share their love for riding and their commitment to riders' safety. 

We offer track days for street riders, track riders, and road racers.  In addition we are also the proud sanctioning body of the Fasttrax
Road Race Championship and Moto Super Series Road Race Championship.  Moto Series makes available guided on track and off track classroom instruction of all skill levels to all participants. 

We encourage anyone interested in motorcycling from spectators and family members to retired racers to come out and share our experience.
Spectators are welcome to ride on the track during our lunch break for several group led laps for free.  Helmets are required.



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Moto Series
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Valley View, Ohio

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Phone - 1-866-678-MOTO (6686)
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